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 Debt Reduction Strategies


Organize your monthly debits and credits on a monthly chart by name and balance owing. This gives you a visual of your monthly finances.

Keep track of all of your daily charges. This gives you a record of where you money is being spent. Consider which expenses that can be reduced or eliminated.

Prepare a monthly budget for non-essentials and stick to or come in under the monthly figures.

Pay you monthly bills on and not after the due date. This eliminates the extra services charges.

Dont buy products and services on impulse by creating an artificial market demand. (If I dont get it now it will be gone) Take a day or two and consider if you really needs the product or service.

Consider using extra money thats availably to pay on debt with the highest interest charges.

Pay more that the minimum on your credit card every month. Also, to reduce your credit card debt every month discipline yourself to make repayments greater that your monthly charges. Ensure that reward credit cards are paid off every month

Consider consolidation of your high interest debt, but only if you can discipline yourself not to take out new credit









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